Citizen journalism is becoming more and more popular as the demise of main stream media has called into question the validity of the content they’ve been reporting. People like Julian Assange, James O’Keefe, Mike Cernovich, Wayne Dupree, Bill Mitchell, Alex Jones and Glenn Beck have given rise to everyday people reporting real time information via Social Media venues or using their blogs, video channels and podcasts to tell us what’s going on in their area.

Since the United States elections and the rise of Donald Trump, a large gap has become evident between the truth and what is being reported daily in what used to be, real news. Fake news is being called out for what it is and it’s obvious citizens are more truthful than what once were reliable sources of news.

Daily examples of blatantly manipulated news bombard people with false reports making it even more important for citizen journalists to unite and become the journalists of the world.

As such, we have a responsibility to keep ourselves educated in what is news, what is opinion and what is activism.

Here, beginners to seasoned journalists can join together, learning, teaching and being the reporters people rely on for honest, real time information.

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